Twitter's live streaming social media platform Periscope has been blocked in the United Arab Emirates, leading to users posting their confusion and frustrations on Twitter.

Periscope was launched by Twitter on March 26 and allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers via their smartphones. Last Wednesday, the app mysteriously stopped working for users in the UAE.

Users quickly took to Twitter to express their sentiments.

Some expressed confusion and tried to find answers

Others questioned the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Others tried to ask Periscope directly

Many expressed discontent with the decision

And of course someone mocked the whole controversy

The UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has yet to comment on the block. Periscope acknowledged the problem and said it is working to fix it, according to The National.

Since the app's launch, it has found success in the UAE with 46,000 mentions on Twitter from May to July. The number is rather high, with Saudi Arabia coming in second regionally at just 6,149 mentions, according to The National.

Other apps such as Tinder, Skype and Facebook Video are also blocked in the UAE, but many residents turn to virtual private networks to continue accessing them.