"In Labneh We Trust" may become the United States' new motto after two politicians had the strained yogurt spread for lunch. Or maybe we're just dreaming. 

On Thursday, two American politicians took the internet by storm ... all thanks to a series of tweets. It started when CNN reporter Greg Krieg tweeted "Warren and AOC had lunch today in Washington." 

He was talking about Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) - both of whom tweeted additional details of the lunch and it included lots of labneh.

First came the "lunch" confirmation

Then came the "labneh" tweet

And there was some "iced tea" in the mix

The internet had LOTS and LOTS of questions

What is labneh without zaatar?

Humor won over Twitter

Wondering "how many republicans are googling labneh right about now?"

Well, apparently MANY

Following AOC's tweet, there was a spike in labneh searches on Google on Mar. 28. According to Google Trends, the spike in search traffic on the search engine took place around 11 p.m. 

And, well, can you blame people? If you don't know labneh, you're not really living. 

Many just didn't know what labneh is ...

Others confirmed that it is DELICIOUS

"Now we're all wondering where you get labneh in DC"

Trolling Level: AOC

"AOC is my new hero"