We need to be clear about this. It's always a thrill to watch Algeria play. It's a display of sheer passion and endurance. Remember the Algeria-Germany World Cup game that had us holding our breaths for about... 90 minutes? Yesterday's match wasn't so different.

It was the first day of the men's 2016 Olympic Football Tournament and Iraq's game with Denmark ended with a nil-nil draw. Meanwhile, Algeria took on Honduras in a much more eventful match, in which a total of five goals were scored. And it all played out nearly as wonderfully on the interwebs as it did on the grass.

The people of Twitter have proven that we don't need to watch the Olympic Games to tune in on the excitement. They have us covered, and they are much more exciting than our TV announcers, no matter how impassioned their "GOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL........LLL!"

Here's how it unfolded for the Algerian greens.

We can't exactly say it started with a bang

Honduras had the upper-hand throughout the first half

but how?!

But things quickly took a pleasant turn for the Greens in the second half

And Algeria's always exciting, always valiant football won over some new fans

Then, the Algerians faced a setback

For which their goalkeeper was to blame

Inevitably, a favorite insult of the Arab world was thrown at him,

Some empathy was in order

People were enjoying the match,

Especially since this happened

No, we're not referring to the goal

The Algerians really pulled it together

But the odds were just not in their favor

The match ended 3-2 for Honduras, but Algeria went down with a real fight.

Up next, the team faces Argentina and Portugal on August 7 and 10, respectively. In other Arab Olympic football news, Iraq will face Brazil and South Africa on the same dates. Keep watching this space!