After this week's terror attacks in Brussels, many American politicians came out with their own statements and comments. Of course, there had to be one that stood out more than others. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz  went a bit too far when he decided to call on authorities to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods" in a statement released Tuesday.

This sparked an online reaction among Twitter users who have started the hashtag #MuslimNeighborhood, mocking the presidential candidate's outrageous statement and showing him the kind of lives Muslims all over the world really lead.

Some straight up mocked him

While others made him regret what he said by flaunting our delicious food...

While others made a point that the real "fear" comes from presidential candidates including Cruz

While others decided to show him what a normal day in a #MuslimNeighborhood is really like

And, of course, Muslim pride was not something to be missed ...

And tremendous support from people all over the world was just perfect!