The popular Saudi Ramadan comedy series "Selfie" is back, and its second episode, which aired on Tuesday, has caused some controversy over sectarian jokes.

"#Selfie's actors and directors and channel contributed top portraying Sunnis in the worst ways. That was the episode's goal"

The episode starred comedian Nasser al-Gassabi in a sketch involving two clerics, one Sunni and one Shitte, who 20 years later find out that their sons had been switched at birth. The two clerics want their biological sons to convert to their original sect.

Some people online haven't taken the show lightly, with some calling for the show to be stopped under a hashtag that translates to #StopSelfieAsItInsultsOurReligion ( اوقفوا_سيلفي_يسيي_لديننا ). Others are tweeting their support for the show and the impact it's had in helping people face reality.

Another Twitter user talks about how admitting wrong is the first step in solving the problem. He goes on to say that the show is pushing people's buttons by revealing the ugly truth of sectarianism in this day and age. The reality of the situation is actually worse than what the show is depicting. He goes on to suggest that people should let the episode pass.

Another user is telling the world that Selfie is just a series that pushed people to face reality and expose the unfortunate myths people believe in.

Nasser tweeted a thank you from his own personal account to the fans who showed their support for the episode.

"Al hamdulliah despite everything in response to the episode that aired. I've been getting many calls from various people, and the best part is the compliments from Sunnis and Shia I've received."

The third episode, which was aired Wednesday, was also not taken very positively as it criticized the manner in which Arabs, specifically the Bedouins and the Taee tribe, spend money in a careless manner.