Safa Al Hashem, the only female MP in Kuwait's current parliament, gave an strong worded speech during a parliamentary session on Wednesday. 

In her speech, Al Hashem urged her fellow MP's to look into the government's contracts with leading international organizations to ensure that they hire Kuwaiti nationals to work in their Kuwait headquarters.

Al Hashem has been vocal on the issue of youth unemployment among nationals in the country and has also criticized the demographic structure of Kuwait's population as 70 per cent of the 4.4 million are expatriates.

Her address yesterday coincided with international women's day and caused an outpour of support on Twitter, especially after she was criticized by MP Khalaf Al Dumaithir for using English phrases during her speech.

People have been tweeting their reactions on the hashtag #صفاء_الهاشم and a video of Al Hashem's address has been circulating on social media.

Even though many support Al Hashems' suggestions, there are expatriates and other nationals who find them racist and unacceptable. They also note the fact that expatriates have always contributed to the country's development and regard Kuwait their second home.

Many are thanking Safa for being the 'voice of Kuwait's people':

'A million salutes to Safa Al Hashem for speaking up for every Kuwaiti individual' .

'She sets an example to women who want to create change in society, she stands with the people and is the voice of their concerns'

'Safa Al Hashem is a role model and a truthful, honest voice' 

'Safa Al Hashem is one of the best acting MPs in this parliament'

Al Hashem made history when she became the first woman in Kuwait to win three consecutive elections in a row.

Her latest electoral victory took place during the November 2016 race.

Al Hashem became the ninth woman to be elected to the parliament since women obtained the right to vote and run in national elections in 2005, Gulf News wrote at the time.