People want Turkish Airlines to help Somalia by transporting aid to the country amidst a devastating famine affecting millions.

This is because it is believed to be the only commercial airline that currently offers flights to the country.

The hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia began trending worldwide on Twitter Wednesday night. The call for help was started by French entrepreneur and social media star Jerome Jarre.

Jarre posted a video on Twitter speaking up about the crisis and blasting   mainstream media outlets for their failure to cover it.

“The reality is, we can come together, we can look for solutions, and we can try. Especially with social media," Jarre says.

The hashtag then went viral with many celebrities joining in and urging everyone to make a move.

Arabs joined in too

Arab Israeli Nuseir Yassin, a 24-year-old Harvard graduate, posted a video urging people to support the campaign. He teemed up with comedian Ben Stiller among many other celebs to get the word out. 

Many others joined in

Soon after, the Turkish airline took notice

And are taking action...

The airline is now said to be chartering a flight carrying much needed aid to the country.

According to the UN, humanitarian agencies estimate that around 6.2 million Somalis are in desperate need of assistance "including food, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, protection and shelter."