With millions of people forced to flee their war-torn homes, a team of 10 refugees have managed to make it to the 2016 Olympic Games, leaving a historic mark on the world.

The displaced athletes are competing under the Olympic flag, as they have no home country or national committee to compete under, showing just how bad the refugee crisis really is.

There's no doubt # TeamRefugees is the one team we're all collectively rooting for, as they will leave a scar on all our hearts. However, lots of people are using this moment to critique global inaction with regards to the severity of the refugee crisis.

Because how bad does it have to get before the world takes action?

Unfortunately, many have used #TeamRefugees to hide the real crisis

Because all it takes is a push in the right direction

Giving refugees a chance at life is a basic human right

The fact that the "world loves refugees, when they're Olympians" is just heartbreaking

Because the composition of the team is basically a result of war

And global indifference...

Because this is how bad the refugee crisis currently is

The world has somehow failed refugees...

The number can speak for itself

#TeamRefugees is with no doubt standing for all those who can't, breaking barriers every single day

We stand #WithRefugees today and always.

Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey are among the few countries that have welcomed a significant number of refugees. More than 60 percent of these countries' populations have said they’d welcome refugees with open arms, according to a study published by Amnesty International earlier this year.