As American mother Morgan Carver Richards pointed out in a viral video last month, leaving Dubai isn't always easy.

From the relationships and friendships you've built, to the luxuries you'll have to kiss goodbye, there's definitely going to be a hole in your heart once you actually say goodbye to this city. At the same time, we all know that Dubai is a transient place full of expats. This means people are always coming and going. Although some stay longterm, many spend a few years and then move on new places or return home.

Of course, there can be some positive aspects too... These tweets highlight the mixed reactions and emotions those who leave Dubai experience.

You try to reassure yourself with meaningful quotes

But regardless, it's going to be heartbreaking to say farewell

If you've been there awhile, you've probably accumulated a lot of stuff to pack...

Like, seriously... A LOT!

Or you can deal with the hassle of selling

But hey, at least you should get a cake (or three) from friends and colleagues

It's important to think about the positives

Otherwise you'll just get stuck thinking about how crazy it is to leave

It's definitely going to be a sad moment

Your heart will probably hurt.. at least a little

The emotions might get confusing

But when the fateful moment comes...

At least you can catch one last beautiful glimpse of the city below