The past few months have been great for Egyptian actor Rami Malek, who has finally made it big in Hollywood. He got the leading role in the hit show "Mr. Robot" and has received a Critics' Choice award for his portrayal of Elliot Alderson.

Naturally, Tumblr love the handsome actor. He is talented, gorgeous and politically correct: everything Tumblr needs to fall in love. This has of course lead to a huge amount of posts dedicated to him, and here are the best Tumblr posts about everything Rami Malek related.

1. On his jawline

2. On how he makes them feel

3. On how proud they are of him

4. On his face

5. On their concerns

6. On his doppelganger

7. On even the smallest of details

8. On their standards for a husband

9. On his general importance in their lives

10. On how they feel about him