U.S. President Donald Trump never fails to speak his mind on social media. His latest tweet, as a brilliant example, caused quite the stir on the internet. 

"IN AMERICA WE DON'T WORSHIP GOVERNMENT - WE WORSHIP GOD," Trump tweeted, linking to an Instagram video taken at a rally in Ohio, in which he was filmed saying that same statement. 

Does Trump know the country's First Amendment is all about encouraging religious freedom? 

The separation of church and state is at the core of America, which means individuals have the right to practice whatever religion they see fit and to worship whichever God they choose to. 

Except, it seems as though the country's President doesn't see it that way... unless, of course, it's Muslims and Islam that are involved. Remember all the times Trump discussed a non-existent Muslim problem? 

So as a response to the President's statement, Muslims took to Twitter with some sarcastic jokes in hope of bringing Trump down for his hypocrisy

One word: #Stgfrallah

"Trump is basically saying Allahu Akbar"

So ... *drumroll* please


Trump ... "we're free to worship or not to worship. That's what makes us great"


Hypocrisy much?

"You orange devil"