U.S. President Donald Trump defended White Supremacist protestors in Virginia on Tuesday, saying some of them are "very fine people." He made the comment despite the fact that one of the White protestors drove his car into a group of counter-demonstrators, killing a woman.

He went on to suggest that the group, which carried Nazi and Confederate flags and included members of the White terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan, were not all racists. 

Trump argued that they were simply opposed to the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, who led the Confederate military in rebellion against the U.S. during the country's civil war in the 1860s. The war was fought primarily over the issue of slavery, with the Confederates rebelling to continue to enslave Black Americans.

So ... supporting an American traitor who fought to enslave human beings based on the color of their skin isn't racist? 

Of course, a lot of people had some strong reactions to Trump's comments. Many Muslims took to Twitter to raise their voices and stand in solidarity with other minority groups against the hate.

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