When bored, Arabs can come up with some of the most hilariously creative ways to entertain themselves. Some of these methods are mere adaptations of normal fun activities, while others are pure ingenuity. 

Take a look at 10 comical ways Arabs have made themselves and others crack up:

1. Sand surfing

When windsurfing and kite surfing are not an option, sand surfing is the perfect plan C ... or plan never, so you don't end up like an ostrich with your head in the ground.

2. Human jump rope

Technically, this is way cheaper than having to buy an actual jump rope. All you really need is a bunch of friends willing to get lightly bruised.

3. Wagon "riding"

There's nothing like riding in a high-speed wagon and learning to fly and become a human turtle in the process.

4. Sand boating

When the closest ocean is a desert and you just happen to have an extra boat lying around...

5. Pickup truck pool

Because a regular pool is just too mainstream.

6. Behind the scenes: Masjid edition

A wrestling match is the next best thing to do at a mosque. But maybe wait till prayer is over?

7. Sheesha time!

As an Arab, sheesha (hookah) time is all the time. 

8. Pantsing an instructor

Maybe not the best idea if you plan on graduating, but hilarious, nevertheless.

9. Treadmill in a thobe

A challenge is one of the best forms of entertainment. So why not try running really fast on a treadmill, while wearing a thobe? It's 100 percent safe.

10. Electric saw dancing

When there's nothing left but an electric saw, musical and dance creativity hit their pinnacle. Just don't lose control of the saw.