Over the past 10 years, Saudi Arabia has donated nearly $33 billion in global aid, according to data provided by the Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid.

Launched by KSrelief at the start of Monday's International Humanitarian Forum in Riyadh, the Electronic Platform for Saudi International Aid provides a national platform to record and document Saudi Arabia’s contributions to the world.

The kingdom has long been a regional leader in humanitarian affairs and has demonstrated a profound commitment to supporting those who need it most around the world. 

Asian countries received $21 billion (66.33 percent) of the total aid

From 2007 to 2017, Saudi Arabia disbursed $32.65 billion to 999 projects in 78 different countries. 

These projects were implemented by 150 global partners including international and local organizations, as well as the governments of recipient countries, the kingdom's Center for International Communication confirmed in a statement on Wednesday.

Aid projects were implemented across the five continents, with Asian countries receiving $21 billion (66.33 percent) of the total aid appropriated.

African countries received $9.76 billion (30.76 percent) of the total aid, Europe $379 million (1.19 percent), North America $376.3 million (1.19 percent), and Central Asia $170.3 million (0.54 percent). 

Here is a list of the top ten recipients of foreign aid from Saudi Arabia:

1. Yemen, $13.37 billion for 285 projects

Source: Wikipedia

2. Syria, $2.35 billion for 95 projects

3. Egypt, $1.84 billion for 20 projects

Source: Wikipedia

4. Niger, $1.32 billion for 7 projects

5. Mauritania, $1.33 billion for 14 projects

6. Afghanistan, $567.1 million for 29 projects

7. China, $549.9 million for 10 projects

8. Pakistan, $521.9 million for 108 projects

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9. Jordan, $516.9 million for 11 projects

10. Tunisia, $514.2 million for 9 projects