Days after a video of her walking without an abaya in Ushayqir, Saudi Arabia, went viral, social media celebrity, Model Khoulod, was arrested by police in the kingdom, Arab News reported. 

Early on Tuesday "the Riyadh Police issued a statement indicating that the woman had been identified and questioned," Arab News wrote. 

“Investigators specializing in such matters found several videos circulating on social networking programs that included those of a woman wandering in the heritage village of Ushayqir dressed indecently,” the police statement read.

“According to the system of combating cybercrime, the woman’s identity has been ascertained. She has acknowledged that she visited the heritage village, and claims the videos were published by an unknown person without her consent," it added

"The case has been referred to the Public Prosecution Department," the statement concluded

The official police statement made public on Twitter:

Speaking to Arab News in the hours after the statement was released, Capt. Sattam Al-Huzaini of the Riyadh Police gave "no indication as to whether the woman remains in police custody or has been released." 

The now viral video is still causing backlash on social media, nearly a week after it first began circulating. News of the model's arrest is now making the rounds online with thousands taking to Twitter, divided over the entire situation. 

Some think arresting the model is "insane"

Others are expressing their outrage at the arrest

"If she were Trump's daughter people would have applauded her, but because she's Arab you want to persecute her." 

Some are fed up with double standards

"A man commits a sin, a man harasses someone, a man commits murder... we say: forgive him. A woman wears a mini skirt... we demand her persecution and arrest." 

A few think that the punishment is simply unjust

"She has the right to wear what she wants, she wasn't even in a crowded area and she hasn't hurt anyone other than herself with what she did. I wish that people would focus on what matters, demanding a crackdown on corruption instead of focusing on a piece of clothing." 

But, while many are against the arrest, others are still all for it

"Regardless of her nationality or whether or not her husband was with her. And regardless of whether she knew the video was made public... she should be punished and deported." 

"She's a criminal"

"She's a criminal for not wearing an abaya in public and a criminal for filming the entire thing." 

"How could she walk in public dressed like that? God bless you for arresting her." 

The 6 second video that caused a social media meltdown: