We all know Dubai is home to a million things that you just won't find anywhere else in the world, no matter how hard you tried.

This 31 year-old American mother, Morgan Carver Richards, definitely knows it too. And she wants the world to know just how good she had it when she was living there. Richards moved back to the United States a few months ago, after having moved to Dubai in 2011. She released a series of YouTube videos that hilariously depict life without Dubai in a couple minutes.

She first points out the fact that she misses having someone helping out around the house...

And someone to help outside the house too...

And of course, halloumi cheese... because who wouldn't miss it?

And she misses the fact that it's the norm to valet park your car in Dubai...

Richards' videos are just hilarious!

Here's a couple more you just have to watch!

Wait, isn't it normal to have someone wash your car while you go on a shopping spree?

And come on, where else could you order Uber helicopters ?

Oh, Dubai!