Ed Sheeran's hit song Shape Of You was released beginning of 2017 ... and it's still making the rounds online. 

In the Arab world especially, it's become the subject of memes and lip-syncing videos, most recent of which is an amateur tourism video showcasing the best of Lebanon.

A bunch of people visited Lebanon's top spots, singing along to Sheeran's hit and filming it on tape. 

Their video, titled "Shape of Lebanon" was posted to one of the singers, Benjamin Parmentier's YouTube account, and it's pretty epic. 

It starts off on Lebanon's beautiful coast ...

It doesn't stop there ... Next stop: Baalbeck

And we all know what the historic site calls for ... some dancing!

This one takes the cake ... just look at that view

Taking a stroll in Jbeil's old souks ...

They even headed south ... towards Saida's old castle

We're all "in love with the Shape of Lebanon!"