If you're familiar with Arabs, you know just how much they hate it when someone messes with their food. 

This is especially true when it comes to our beloved shawarma. The popular meal mainly consists of spice-marinated chicken or meat served in a pita wrap with garlic paste, pickles, and fries.

Arabs love it so much, that when a fake medical research paper stated shawarma helps in treating depression went viral online, everyone wanted to believe it.

But, it seems as though someone isn't all too satisfied with the meaty wrap ... and decided to create a vegetarian version of it. Yep, vegetarian shawarma that's made of celery root is a thing now and Arabs are having none of it. 

Arabs just can't even with it

It should be illegal


But then who can blame them?

"It's also 100% not a shawarma"

Repeat after us

Just, no

"This is exactly like veg biryani. As in, it doesn't exist"

Make it... but give it another name

More like "nowarma"

"Shawarma is weeping"

"The whites are at it again"

Case in point?