emirates airlines human trafficking
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Dubai-based Emirates Airline will begin training its frontline staff in how to spot perpetrators and victims of human trafficking.

Latest figures published by the National Human Trafficking Hotline show an excess of 5,000 “potential” human trafficking cases in 2015 of which nearly 2,000 involved victims under the age of 18.

Emirates Airline staff - including cabin crew - will attend training modules that will teach them how to spot traffickers and their victims.

They will also be trained in how to spot other crimes such as drug smuggling and theft.

"Human trafficking is a global problem..."

According to the statement issued by the Dubai-based airline, the course will start in October 2017.

The training program will help staff recognise behavioural traits of traffickers and smugglers and how to handle situations where their suspicions are raised.

“Human trafficking is a global problem that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide,” said Dr Abdullah Al Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President, Emirates Group Security.

“We have developed this new training module with the aim of helping our staff become more aware and observant of the behaviour of potential crime offenders and possible victims of human trafficking.”