Lebanese composer Jean-Marie Riachi j ust released a new anthem for Lebanese people looking to move to Dubai, a city that's become home away from home for thousands of Lebanese.

The song has garnered over 15,000 views on Youtube so far.

In the animated video, a man gets ready to board his flight to Dubai after receiving a message from his "bibi" wishing him safe travels


The music video highlights the fact that a majority of Lebanese people leave the country seeking a future, with Dubai being their chance at a fresh new start.

And of course, there's the obligatory hundred bags of "bzourat"


Because is there anything better than Lebanon's bizir?

Upon arrival, he realizes just how intense Dubai's heat really is


But, everything is air-conditioned, like all the time!

And struggles to keep in touch with people back home...


Because internet struggles in Lebanon are just too much?

But, as with all things, it just takes some getting used to!

Of course, you will realize certain things  after moving to the city, as soon as one day later.