Thousands of Arabs posted online tributes to their moms on Mother's Day but a Saudi man's post is like no other. 

In a tweet he uploaded on Wednesday, Hattan Asali hailed the woman who gave him life, explaining how she stood by his quadriplegic father for 25 years, never leaving his bedside. 

He also posted a photo of his parents along with the tweet and it has since gone completely viral. 

Asali's post was retweeted by thousands and is now making headlines across the kingdom. 

"Is Mother's Day enough to thank you, mom?"

"A truth only a few people know! My Father is quadriplegic and cannot move any of his limbs or speak. He breathes through a trach tube placed in his throat and eats through a feeding tube. Next to him is my mother. She has sat beside him for over 25 years, taking care of him and us at the same time. She still does today and also takes care of her grandchildren now. I ask: Is Mother's Day enough to thank you, mom?"

The post is still making the rounds online

People were so moved by it

"I cried when I saw this photo, she's such an incredible woman." 

Many were left speechless

"There are no words or phrases and no language that can describe this." 

"Ya hayati"

"The definition of loyalty"

"An incredible woman"

Many prayed for Asali's father and family

"May God grant him good health and keep him in your lives." 

"This is beautiful"

"Beautiful and painful all at the same time"

"If this isn't true love, nothing is"