Saudi media personality and TV host Badr Al-Zidane is pretty much the definition of beauty ... and the reactions of his fans to a newly uploaded photo is the ultimate proof of that.

The 30-year-old recently uploaded a portrait photo of himself to his social media accounts ... and to say the internet went into a complete meltdown is an understatement. 

He has been working in the television and radio industry for years and has ventured into the world of social media through short vlogs released on his Keek account. 

It looks like his sharp jawline has managed to drop some jaws... 

Take a minute and stare at his beautiful face...

Drawing parallels between his name and its relation to a "full moon"

The stages of a full moon...

Swapping "moon" for "Badr"

The Lunar phase ... brought to you by Badr Al-Zidane


Badr al-Zidane is on FIRE ???? ???? ????

"I fell in love with your eyes"

Blowing kisses and all...

And then ... some sentiments escalated pretty quickly