Late on Thursday, Saudi authorities vowed to take action against a young man who threatened to burn down cars driven by women, Okaz newspaper reported

The young man made the threats in a now-viral video which came a few days after the country lifted a ban on women driving. 

In the footage, the unidentified man is heard saying"I swear on God's words, I'll burn the car of any woman whose vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road." 

Speaking to Okaz, an anonymous source said the kingdom's public prosecution office has ordered the man's arrest. 

"The country's legal system will not allow for anyone to jeopardize the kingdom's security, or incite violence against its people."

Khaled Fakhri, head of Saudi Arabia's human rights council, also spoke to Okaz and explained that anyone who undermines or goes against the lift on the women's driving ban must face legal consequences. 

According to Okaz, under Saudi Arabia's cybercrime law, the man could face up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 5,000 riyals ($1,333) if found guilty. 

The video comes days after the kingdom lifted a ban on women ban

The man's video went viral a few days after the kingdom lifted a ban on women driving. 

The ban had officially existed since 1990, and even though there was no official prohibition, females were simply not issued driver's licenses. 

The lift on the ban is set to take full effect in June of 2018.

While the majority of Saudi tweeps hailed the decision, others created sexist hashtags.  

Anger on social media

As soon as the video went viral online, thousands of Saudi men and women reacted to it on Twitter. 

The majority of users were angered by the man's offensive statement and called on authorities to interrogate him. 

People were upset over the comments

"He should be jailed because even if he thinks this is a joke, threatening people should never be taken lightly."  

"It's so dangerous that videos like this are making the rounds online... In this kind of environment, women won't feel safe driving"

A few highlighted this important fact

"As much as we try to deny it, this teenager grew up in a society that looks down on women; one where men overpower women and where they're taught, as children, to impose control over them."

Women were simply not having any of it

"Go to hell"

"Teach young men to respect their sisters, wives and daughters, so that men like this one go extinct"

"These men still live under the illusion of entitlement given to them by society, simply because they're men"