Time and time again, we have seen artists take the internet by storm by perfectly turning Western celebrities into Egyptian locals using Photoshop. But, have you ever seen Western celebrities with a Khaleeji twist?

If you haven't, then you're in for a treat, thanks to Saudi native and Photoshop master Abdullah Al-Harithy.

Over the past couple of years, Al-Harithy has been creating photoshopped images of Western celebrities dressed up as citizens of the Arab gulf. 

In his pictures, male celebrities wear the traditional Khaleeji loose white garment that is similar to a robe (thawb) and a headdress (ghutra). Meanwhile, females don a 'abaya and a headscarf.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Al-Harithy said that "one picture can take up to two hours of consistent focusing to get the desired character."

Al-Harithy's work, which he shares on his Instagram page, is totally on-point and might actually get you wondering if the picture is real or fake. Here's a glimpse:

1. Leonardo Dicaprio or just a blond Hussain Al Jassmi? Hmmm

2. Hajj Morgan Freeman is rocking that ghutra

3. Kevin Spacey looks like the ultimate khawaja

4. Tan skin and kohl-filled eyes ... Riri belongs in the Arab gulf!

5. Turns out Oprah is actually an Arab bedouin

6. George Clooney goes full on Khaleeji with a turban

7. Barack Obama gave up on Donald Trump's America ... so he moved to the Arab world

8. DJ Khaled embraced his Arab roots ...

9. And Rami Malek followed suit

10. Nicki Minaj is the belle of the Arabian Desert ...

11. Or is it Queen B?

(It's definitely Queen B) 

12. Are we sure Steve Harvey isn't actually Khaleeji?

13. Rick Ross chillin' with a tiger

14. Cristiano Ronaldo is still learning how to perfect his ghutra

We've got you covered, Cristiano. Here's a Youtube tutorial!

15. This is what Drake would look like if he actually moved to the UAE

"I wanna move to Dubai so I don’t ever have to kick it with none of you guys," Drake says in his song "Free Smoke". Here's to hoping that he tries wearing the traditional Arab garb next time he goes there.