A church and mosque in Bethlehem

Unity between Christian and Muslim Palestinians is a point of pride for the nation, and one Palestinian man is demonstrating that in an amazing way.

A video of Palestinian Christian Nael Ghantous announcing the call to prayer at the Zine El Abidine mosque in the village of Taiba, is going viral, with many Palestinians and Arabs reacting with love and appreciation. 

The video has garnered more than 125,000 views at the time of writing

"When I approached the Muezzin (reciter of the Muslim call to prayer) at the mosque and told him I am Christian, he warmly welcomed me. He also thanked me and all Christians in the area for standing in solidarity with Muslims when Israel banned their call to prayer," Ghantous said, according to the Facebook post sharing the video. 

He said he believes in the message he is trying to send in line with the teachings of Jesus, who is revered by both Christians and Muslims.

"It’s one of peace and co-existence between all the people of our country and one that we can share with future generations," Ghantous said.

Hundreds are responding with love and pride

The video has been shared more than 1,500 times and has garnered nearly 1,000 comments, with many expressing their love and appreciation for the gesture. 

"Nael Ghantous you are an example of tolerance and dignity," one commenter wrote, according to The New Arab.

“My darling, God bless you. May God protect you and protect you for the sake of your mother. May he prolong your life and guide you," another person wrote.

Solidarity between Christians and Muslims is the norm in Palestine

Last November, when the Israeli Knesset was attempting to quieten the call to prayer from mosques, Palestinian churches broadcast the call to prayer in a showing of solidarity with their Muslim neighbors. 

During Ramadan, Christian Palestinians can routinely be seen passing out water to Muslims stuck at Israeli checkpoints during iftar. 

"We [Palestinian Christians] never view ourselves as a minority, but rather as an essential, authentic component of the Palestinian identity," prominent Palestinian politician Hanan Ashrawi told StepFeed in an interview published this month.