Thousands of people took part in Saudi Arabia's first ever comic-con, and one novelist wants the world to know that the kingdom is much more than what the media makes of it.  

Maxwell Alexander Drake, an American geek-turned-novelist, took the stage in Jeddah as he talked about his journey as a creative writer in today's world. 

After posting his entire experience on his Facebook page from arrival to departure, Drake received a number of hate comments and messages following his participation in the event. 

At first, he chose to ignore the hate. But, last night he decided to speak out against the generalizations. Against the stereotypes. Against the bigotry. 

"What many of you don't know is that I deleted some 25 ignorant and hate-filled comments over this past week tagged to my updates about my trip to Saudi, and it has really been killing me to remain silent," Drake wrote in a Facebook post

He then goes on to talk about how the world is supposed to be one big "melting pot"; a place where acceptance of one another's differences reigns supreme. 

"Do they have bad people in Saudi Arabia? Sure. But there are bad people everywhere," he writes. 

Landing in a foreign country and seeing first-hand what it has to offer changed Drake's perception. He wants the world to see it too. 

"My trip to Saudi really was an eye opener for me. Sure, it showed me a culture I had no experience with. But more importantly, it showed me the ignorance and disdain my fellow countrymen have for anyone different. 

It made me realize why our country is tearing itself apart from the inside right now."

Drake used every bit of the experience to break down the stereotypes that people in Saudi Arabia and much of the Arab world are often faced with. 

"I may be in a foreign land, but the fans at this event are just as amazingly cool as fans of any convention I've ever been to," Drake writes in another Facebook post.

"I made so many friends, met so many wonderful people, I don't want to leave. Thank you Saudi Arabia, you will always be in my heart."

Drake even showed the world a side to Jeddah people don't normally *sea* (pun intended)

Drake wrote his first novel nearly thirty years ago, when he was just 12. 

Since then, he's written professionally for both large and small publications. His versatile work has given him the opportunity to write for massive video games, and publish independently owned short stories and full length novels. 

He's come a long way, and with the power of words - he wants to continue pushing for change in the world. He believes change should start within each and every one of us.

"And it all starts with you. No, not the perverbial [sic] you. Not the collective you. But you, the individual and singular you."

Approximately 7,000 people queued up over the weekend at Jeddah's Takeoff Social & Air Sports Center to take part in Saudi Arabia's first ever Comic Con. 

It was a great success, filled with entertainment, awesome cosplays and international stars. 

Top international stars from the popular series Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Hannibal attended the epic event. 

Originating in California, Comic Con has become an international pop culture phenomenon. 

Regionally, the event first came to Dubai several years ago. The Jeddah version is organized by the Saudi company Time Entertainment. 

It is supported by Saudi Arabia's General Entertainment Authority, which oversees entertainment events and activities in the kingdom.

Enhancing cultural and entertainment opportunities throughout Saudi Arabia is an integral part of the Riyadh's Vision 2030, which has been championed by Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In addition to events like Comic Con, the kingdom is moving to host more concerts and plans to open cinemas, despite opposition from some religious leaders. 

Jeddah and Riyadh each hosted massive concerts back in January, the first to be held in the kingdom in many years.