With the month of Ramadan becoming increasingly commercialized, it's important to remember that in its spirit, the holy month is about generosity

This is where humanitarians step in, launching a wide array of initiatives to help the needy throughout the month.

Among these initiatives is non-profit organization Share El Kheir's "Ramadan Meals on Wheels," which will see a Ramadan-themed bus roam the streets of Beirut and distribute iftar meals to those in need.

Share El Kheir (Share the Good) is a non-profit organization that has been organizing philanthropic and educational activities across Lebanon for the past three years. Among various other activities, the organization distributes food, medicine, and school stationary to those in need, and helps them pay rent and school tuition fees.

This month, as part of "Ramadan Meals on Wheels," Share El Kheir will give out bags that contain a McDonald's meal, chocolate, a beverage, a gift, and a small amount of money to people in impoverished areas in Beirut. To do so, its volunteers will board a Ramadan-themed bus to distribute the meals and visit an orphanage as well as a center for the elderly.

Share El Kheir aims to deliver 100 bags everyday throughout the holy month, but the team can't do it alone. The organization is seeking donations to make this possible, calling upon the public to contribute to its initiative by donating $20 each.

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Speaking to StepFeed, Share El Kheir founder Camellia Al-Zaim urged readers to contribute to her organization's Ramadan initiative, saying:

"There is something magical about giving. When you give, you receive."

Explaining how the organization came to be, Al-Zaim said she was inspired to give back to the community after witnessing needy individuals struggle to collect iftar donations at a mosque near her house.

"I didn't like what I saw. Volunteers poured rice for them in plastic bags, and it's the same menu [rice] the whole month. It was really heartbreaking," she explained.

Al-Zaim thus decided to distribute blessing bags, each including a meal, treats, and two dollars, funding the initiative through donations collected from friends and family. "It was huge success! [sic] The happiness on their faces was priceless," she explained.

Following her first Ramadan initiative, Al-Zaim began expanding her humanitarian work and went on to officially register Share El Kheir as a non-governmental organization. Since then, the latter has organized a number of initiatives such as distributing food, clothes, and blankets to families living under horrible conditions in the Akkar District.

Share El Kheir has also hosted a Christmas event to entertain needy children and boost their morale. "The kids were so happy. Maybe we can't fix their lives, but we can add moments of joy," Al Zaim said.

Hoping to give back to the community this Ramadan? Follow Share El Kheir on social media and contact 78-848435 to donate a "Ramadan Meals on Wheels" bus ticket for only $20.