Lana Del Rey Sheikh Azhar Muslim
Source: YouTube

While Muslim clerics and preachers are often thought of as characteristically serious, one Florida-based lecturer begs to differ.

Sheikh Azhar Nasser has been winning giggles on the internet with his humorous takes on Muslim-related topics, and his most recent tweet just took the cake.

In it, he quotes a tweet by American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey in which she wrote: "Do everything you want to do." 

Naturally, he hilariously warned internet users that doing so would be following in the footsteps of "shaytan" aka the devil. 

Some weren't too happy with the fact that he dissed Lana

But many were just *laughing in Muslim*

"Don't do this to me"

"My favorite sheikh"


Objectively speaking, he has a point

ONE WORD: Savage

But ... "trolling Lana ain't cool"

People want the sheikh to take it back