Late on Tuesday, Muslim tweep Imraan Siddiqi shared a hate letter he recently received by mail on Twitter. 

Handwritten on a greeting card that has the phrase "treat yourself extra special" printed on it, the racist message reads: "No Muslims in our Christian Nation." 

Yes, someone decided to send Siddiqi a hate message written on a greeting card. 

And his response to it? A right on point, hilarious thread: 

Talk about mixed signals

"Maybe they're just trying to caption what the bird is saying to the little girl"

Either way... people are just not having it

Some responded with sarcasm

That was also just right on point

Maybe mail this back?

"If I had to describe my experience as a Muslim American it would literally be this"

The trolling was relentless

"Did they come with chocolate truffles?"

People hailed the way Siddiqi always handles hate

"Best hate mail/stationary combo ever? Yes. Yes it is."