British model Chloe Ayling's story has been making headlines the past week after news about her alleged kidnapping began making the rounds online. 

The 20-year-old model was reportedly going to be sold as a sex slave to the "Middle East," her lawyer confirmed, according to The Guardian.

The kidnappers planned to sell her for more than $298,563 (230,000 British Pounds). They also demanded a ransom from her agent.

Ayling was kidnapped by a group named Black Death, who is believed to be behind the whole scheme.  

It started when Ayling was lured to Milan last month for a photoshoot according to police documents that were reviewed by Reuters. 

Upon arrival, Ayling was attacked by two men, drugged with ketamine, put inside a bag and placed into the boot of a car as the group drove her to northwest Italy, and allegedly wanted to put her up for auction online on the deep web.

She was held there for six days before her kidnapper - Polish national living in Britain Lukasz Pawel Herba (30) - released her to the British consulate in Milan, according to Reuters.

The alleged kidnapper was arrested after Ayling's release and explained to police officials that he has leukemia and joined the group (Black Death) after he was contacted by a group of Romanians as he was desperate for money to cover the costs of the treatment. 

Police officials are still investigating Herba's story as there are doubts about the gang he claims to be a part of. 

Herba's story isn't the only thing raising questions; the model's story is also being accused of being a hoax.

However, her lawyer Francesco Pesce, said doubts about her story have been dismissed, according to The Guardian.

"There were legitimate doubts [about her story] at the start, which were surpassed," Pesce told the Guardian. 

"What Chloe told police during 10 hours, it wasn’t easy on her. If the police were convinced [of the story] after that, then I am convinced. What also would be his [the abductor’s] motive [to collaborate]? Twenty years in jail?"

Still, people on social media aren't fully convinced of the story, calling it a potential 'publicity stunt.'

Reality of the situation: