One woman's dreams came true, when her fiance proposed to her exactly the way she had hoped for. 

A heartwarming video of a Turkish TV correspondent proposing to his wife in front of the Kabaa has been circulating online. 

In the video, Yusuf Akion, is seen standing with his would-be wife inside Mecca's Grand Mosque. With the Kabaa positioned in the background, the man kneels and offers the ring to his excited girlfriend turned fiance. 

According to Al Arabiya, Akion's fiance was dreaming of just such a proposal. She had asked him to propose to her with the Kabaa in sight and also to film the big moment. 

Watch the magical moment unfold

And of course, she said "yes"!

Even without the video, it's definitely a moment the happy couple will never forget!

But some are really upset by the proposal

"Asking for her hand in marriage the way he did is not part of our Muslim traditions. And to do something like this in front of the Kaaba is an insult to the holiness of the place." 

"I am with you 100 percent, and I cannot even accept what this man does in the video, since when does a man propose to a woman in the absence of her male guardian ... and in front of the Kaaba."