Famous Venezuelan magician and YouTube sensation Daniel Fernandez has got some serious magic tricks ... tricks that are so good they landed him a date with an Emirates flight attendant.

How did the story unfold? 

A month ago, Fernandez shared a video on YouTube, where he told his fans that he was able to get the number of an Emirates flight attendant (thanks to his magic) who goes by the name Liz, on a flight to Dubai. 

At the time, he asked his fans for 7,000 likes for a part two. He got 15,000 likes instead. 

"My boys the dreadful wait is over, my date with the Emirates flight attendant is here. I asked you guys for 7K likes [on my first video], and you horndogs gave me 15K," Fernandez wrote in the YouTube description.  

As promised, Fernandez then shared the details of part two, meaning the actual date! The video sequel has garnered nearly 100,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing. 

Where did the two go out for their date? Dubai Parks & Resorts theme park of course, starting with Bollywood Park!

Next stop: Legoland Dubai

They even met up with Egyptian YouTuber Karim Metwaly ...

And the trio headed over to Motion Gate Dubai!

And then they agreed to meet the next day ... for date #2 ... and attended a ceremony with Sheikh Mohammed!

And people loved every second of the 12-minute video, and are wondering if there is a part three to the story.

We're going to have to wait and see ...

For those wondering ... how did the two first meet?

A couple of months ago, Fernandez was traveling from Los Angeles to Miami ... then Miami to New York ... then New York to Dubai when his connecting flight in Miami got delayed.

But then, an airport official told him that there is a new direct flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dubai ... and that's when he got an upgrade to first class, which led him to Liz! 

Fernandez pulled some magic tricks during the flight and ultimately got her number. 

"I give her a little piece of paper with my number," and told her that he'll be going to a theme park the next day and would love for her to join. 

And she did!