If you think the world of advertising couldn't get much lower than it already is, think again. 

Yeh! Frozen Yogurt and Café's Lebanon franchise posted what can only be described a "piece of work" to its Instagram account Monday and, we're not impressed. 

The ad isn’t so much the problem; it’s the caption. For those of you who aren’t fluent in Lebanese, or well-versed in sexual innuendo, here’s a rough translation.

“Yeh” in Lebanese refers to a thing; an “it”. 

In more colloquial terms, it refers to a penis.  

The caption reads: “Don’t be upset if he takes you out to feed you “yeh” for Valentines. And, it's pretty self-explanatory. 

The ad was caught by Lebanese blogger Anis Tabet, who then posted it to his twitter account. Although it was removed by Tuesday morning, he has confirmed its authenticity to StepFeed. 

According to Tabet, the captioned ad may have first been written by some jokester on Facebook, but was reposted by YehYogurtLeb later on. 

But, this isn't the first time the brand uses the "joke". In November 2015, YehYogurtLeb posted a similar ad and caption to its Instagram account. We found it, but we have a feeling it won't stay for long. 

Looks like they're not really catching up.  

If you’re hoping to get lucky this Valentine’s Day, don't show your significant other this ad.