Democratic Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib has announced plans to be sworn into the US Congress next month while wearing the traditional Palestinian gown.

The Michigan lawmaker posted a photo of a red Palestinian thobe on her Instagram account, with a caption that read, "Sneak peek: This is what I am wearing when I am sworn into Congress. #PalestinianThobe #ForMyYama" 

Yama is Arabic for "mother."

As the first Palestinian-American congresswoman-to-be, and one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress, Tlaib has publicly expressed pride in her Palestinian roots.

Tlaib won the Democratic primary election and ran unopposed in the general election, and is now set to represent Michigan's 13th Congressional District in Congress.

To celebrate her win in the primary election, Tlaib appeared at a rally draped in a Palestinian flag, according to CNN.

She is one of the first two Muslim women to ever make it to Congress, alongside Somali-American Ilhan Omar who will also take office next year.

Omar is also the first hijab-wearing woman to become a member of Congress, the first Somali-American US legislator, and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota in Congress, according to BuzzFeed News.

Tlaib and Omar both publicly support Palestine through the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Born in Detroit in 1976 to Palestinian immigrants, Tlaib was reportedly the first in her family to earn a high school diploma. She went on to graduate from college and law school, all the while helping raise her 13 siblings.

In 2008, the lawyer became the first Muslim woman in the Michigan Legislature. When it comes to her stance on US President Donald Trump, Tlaib is considered a "strong anti-Trump voice."

Earlier this year, Tlaib revealed that the ongoing prejudice against Muslims and immigrants had pushed her to run for Congress. 

"I didn't run because my election would be historic. I ran because of injustices and because of my boys, who are questioning their [Muslim] identity and whether they belong. I’ve never been one to stand on the sidelines," she told ABC News.

Earlier this month, Tlaib told The Intercept she plans to take a stand against the decades-old traditional trip to Israel for newly elected members, sponsored by the pro-Israel lobby group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC.) Instead, she will lead a congressional delegation to the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Racist comments aside, here's how social media users reacted to Tlaib's plans to wear the thobe:

Many are applauding the move

"This right here is awesome"

Palestinians are beyond excited

People can't wait

Zalghouta (ululation) was in order

Palestinian women were inspired to flaunt their own thobes

But not everyone finds it appropriate