In the latest episode of what can only be described as "Taking the Arab world back to the Dark Ages one video at a time," Jordanian TV presenter Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah confidently and clearly brings to our timelines a collection of thoughts and opinions that undoubtedly would have been better off being written down on a piece of toilet paper and swallowed down whole. 

In an attempt to validate his existence, the obviously chauvinistic and hypocritical Al-Gadah, who doesn't hold back in his regressive, patriarchal, self-entitled rant, speaks to his phone camera, spewing vitriol minute after long minute. 

The video, which he directs at the women of his nation, starts off with a sentimental song. "I am forced to be cruel to you ... please forgive me," the lyrics say before Al-Gadah begins his opening statement by referring to a Turkish woman who was assaulted on a bus a few weeks ago by a man who fancied himself righteous enough to hit her because of the clothes she was wearing. 

"[...] In Turkey a man couldn't hold himself back ... he hit a woman [to near blindness] because she did not respect the piety of Ramadan... Ramadan is now over ... and it is stinking hot, but women and girls [clearly lack humility]," he says. 

"Shame on these women who go out in what resemble nightgowns," he continues, "There are men, good men on the streets, men who aren't married yet ... If the ape in your home isn't keeping you [on a leash] I hope we one day have religious police like the ones in Saudi Arabia [who will]."

"And then you wonder why there is rape, prostitution, infidelity, homicides in the country? For God's sake repent!" 

And as though validating femicide, homicide, domestic violence, and rape weren't enough, Al-Gadah goes on to body shame plus-size women who do not confine themselves to his idea of what women should wear.  

"I just saw a cow of a woman earlier and she was out in what looks like a nightgown! Have some shame! If not for yourselves, then for the men [in your lives] ... seeing a woman dressed like she would in a pool made me want to hit her, but of course, they'd say that I'm harassing her if I did," he screams. 

"And as for the men who aren't controlling their wives and daughters, let me bring you a [shovel] so you can bury yourselves," he says halfway through the second minute of the 12-minute video. 

Now, we at Stepfeed, will not waste another minute of our lives watching and translating the vile views of this "presenter". However, we will highlight the responses he has so far received. 

Some stated the obvious

"We must save the Jordanian man by emphasizing the following: A just man is one who respects women and sees them as absolute, independent beings. He defends women's freedom of choice and expression and honors their right to make their own personal decisions pertaining to their dress, body, and sexuality. 

A weak man is one who fears for his image in a society driven by patriarchal notions, and instead of protecting the rights of the women in his family, he attacks them in order to please a regressive, inhuman mentality".

Others pulled out the archives

Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah has a history in offending and demeaning women:

"Good evening, the number of women in Parliament has increased mainly because if a conflict were to arise, you'll find people ululating."  

Hypocritical much?

"Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah, back when he used to perform his five prayers at the mosque." 

A lot called for his dismissal

"Had Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah been with a respectable outlet, he'd be out of the job by tomorrow." 

Comparisons with IS were in order

"Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah is the amalgamation of regression ... The mindset of IS permeates... I only heard of him today. Shame!"

This sums it up:

"Eat shit." 

The editorial team at Stepfeed calls on the Jordanian authorities to consider Mohammad Rakan Al-Gadah's speech a hate crime, punishable by law. 

Editor's note: Al-Gadah has since removed the video and released a follow-up video apologizing. Members of Jordan's parliament have said he should be punished.