Take your time this summer to discover Lebanon. Head towards adventure and fresh air, where you'll lose your way around hidden narrow alleys filled with shops as old as time. 

Batroun is a combination of city-village and modern-outmoded, creating a charm irresistible to its own inhabitants. 

Here are a few reasons why you should visit Batroun this sunny season:

1. The crystal clear beach

You can see right through the waves and definitely enjoy your day at the beach knowing that Batroun’s water is clean and tested

As for the beach-bars, they line the coast to form a unified party scene with good music and refreshing drinks - all as you take a dip in the water. 

2. Colonel Beer Brewery

Almost three years ago, Batroun officially welcomed its first beer brewery - the now famous Colonel Beer Brewery

They use highly advanced equipment in a beautiful setting where you can take a tour of their factory to learn about the process and taste a few samples. 

They serve various meals that perfectly match their beer menu. In addition to that, it's pet-friendly. 

Colonel also established a beach bar this year, Colonel Reef, where water activities are offered to add to the fun. 

3. Batroun Bike Rides

Although Batroun has city-like features, it’s possible to wander in its old streets, going from one place to another, by bike.

It has many bike rental shops that allow you to explore Batroun's old souk, port, and various time-worn churches.  

4. Diversity of food menus

The city’s restaurants have a diverse menu when it comes to food. They serve all sorts of dishes, from traditional to international cuisines - in generous Lebanese servings. 

Batroun's local seafood and catch of the day from the nearby sea are the area's utmost specialty. 

5. Phoenician Wall

Batroun is revered for its very well-known Phoenician wall - built to protect the city from high tidal waves. 

The wall is around 225 meters long and can be seen from different locations such as the Saydet el Bahr Church and Bahsa Rooftop. 

Speaking of Bahsa Rooftop, it's a great place to gather with your friends for drinks as you watch the sun set from behind the wall.

6. Mseilha Fort

Built in the 17th century by Emir Fakhreddine II to protect the road from Tripoli to Beirut, Mseilha Fort still stands tall in Batroun as a touristic site with heavy attraction. 

The scenery around it is sure to make you forget about traveling or going back to Beirut. 

Batroun definitely seems like the perfect summer weekend getaway. The people, the food, the streets, and the beach are beyond what you may ask for. 

It seriously won't disappoint.