Arab moms have a variety of skills, but let's face it, technology isn't exactly their strong suit. Trying to zoom in on Instagram photos and screaming during Skype calls are just two examples that prove just how real the struggle is.

But, have you ever tried teaching your mom how to use Careem, the Dubai-based ride-hailing app? Before you do, here's a heads up on how that lesson will play out... 

Step 1: She thinks the app is a man in disguise

Step 2: Still, you maintain your chill and walk her through it all

Step 3: She takes offense because you criticize her lack of knowledge

Step 4: She insists on referring to the app as "Kareem" with a K

Step 5: She diverts off topic ... because #ArabMoms

Step 6: Her paranoia comes out in full force but #MissionAccomplished