With cloud-seeding  in Dubai, and talks of building a manmade mountain to create even more rainfall, you have to ask, what does this mean for the United Arab Emirates?

People in the UAE are barely handled to equip a few days of rain, so you can only wonder what's going to happen when rainfall is a more frequent occurrence. I personally think we'll see more of these strange actions.

Only in Dubai (and various other Emirates), my friends ...

1. Cruising on the waterlogged streets

2. Ingenious ways to keep dry

3. Losing your parking spot

4. Longing for palm trees and sunshine

Fallen tree is seen during a rainstorm in Abu Dhabi

5. We don't have snow days, but we have rain days!

6. Being a victim of infrastructure that isn't used to this kind of thing

Damage is seen following a rainstorm in Abu Dhabi

Along with the leaks inside your homes and the numerous bowls chilling on your ground floor.

7. Rain getting in where it doesn't belong


Your car, your home ... basically anywhere and everywhere.

8. Finally, a compilation of ridiculous rain acts