A few weeks ago, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet dazzled us with a photo of Beirut as seen from the International Space Station. 

But, for some – particularly those who are better off (way better off) – space (or whatever comes closer) is only a few million dollars away. 

This photo series show the views as seen from the top of three Beirut skyscrapers. 

The photographer who took them, digital designer Marc Freiha, snapped them right from the rooftops of Skygate, Abdul Wahab 618, and Sama Beirut

"I wanted to see Beirut from a different angle ... so I contacted the contractors of the tallest buildings in Beirut, requesting to take pictures from their highest apartments and rooftops," Freiha told StepFeed. 

"I wanted to show Beirut full of life with it’s own character, and this is the result." 

An apartment in one of these towers will set you back around $3-4 million

Skygate is 180 meters tall, with 42 floors

Beirut in a globe

The views are seriously breathtaking, and scary if you have acrophobia

Scared yet?