On Monday, Dubai Courts announced a new initiative that will merge the emirate's three courts and reduce the time it takes to process cases from 305 days to just 30 days.

In yet another world's first, the new revolutionary 'C3 Court' initiative will allow judges from all three courts - first instance, appeal, and supreme court - to hear cases concurrently rather than consecutively. 

Previously, the three courts each heard entire trials and issued their own judgments on cases typically spanning months or sometimes even years.

"The C3 Court project will merge the three levels of litigation into a single court consisting of three judges each representing a level of litigation," said Tarash Eid Al Mansoori, the Director General of Dubai Courts, according to The National.

"The implementation of the project will reduce the time of litigation, simplify litigation procedures, enforce judgments, and reduce costs. The 'C3 Court' will simplify and accelerate court proceedings so that they do not exceed a month," Al Mansoori added.

At present, a suspect or claimant may also have to appear physically in court up to 15 times, which the government also hopes to cut down by using remote video proceedings.

Developed in cooperation with the Dubai Future Foundation, the 'C3 Court' was launched by Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan, under the umbrella of 'Dubai 10X', an initiative that aims to place Dubai 10 years ahead of other cities.

What's Dubai 10x?

Overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), the Dubai 10X initiative seeks to place the emirate's government entities 10 years ahead of the rest of the world in all sectors, propelling Dubai into the future by implementing today what other cities around the world will be implementing 10 years from now.

Heeding the directives of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, who launched this initiative for the first time during the 5th annual World Government Summit in 2017, government bodies across all sectors are joining in the effort to implement their projects in collaboration with innovative tech companies.