Social media influencer and lead singer of Arabish - one of Cairo's hottest bands covering both Arabic and English pop songs - Habiba Zahran recently started a thread on Facebook, asking her followers to comment the same way they used to in 2009. 

Of course, the thread was pure nostalgia. But above all, the comments were hilarious. 

Just in case you forgot, this is how Arabs used to leave comments on Facebook 8 years ago: 

1. Remember the one-on-one thanking system that happened in the comment section?

The comment section looked something like this: 

- Thanks @Moe for the like  

- Thanks @Sara for the like, miss you! 

- Thanks @folan, inti el helwe! 

And the list goes on and on. 

2. A word was made just for those people who liked your photos

An important and overused word to say the least. What would we have done without the love and support of all the likers out there?

3. Which led to the evolution of the 'multiple thanking system'

When things got a bit too overwhelming, people resorted to commenting back to all the likers with a multiple thanking system. The beginning of the end of comment excitement. 

3. Desperate times called for desperate measures

When someone desperately wanted you to poke them back (because virtual poking was actually nice?) and decided that leaving this comment under one of your posts or photos would trigger a response.

Stalker level: creepy. 

4. Coolness level: using upper and lowercase letters in one sentence

No. Just no. 

5. Tanks, Tanks was pretty common ... but why?

What's wrong with the classic "thank you" or "thanks" ??

6. People used to take the time and write "nice pic" rather than just click on the like button

Thank God emojis became a reality years later!