If you really sharpen your mind, concentrate intensely, and think of what the internet is flooded with, you will soon come to realize that the two major concepts fueling this big engine are: Conspiracies (AKA aliens) and cats.

One 22-year-old Lebanese architecture student seized the opportunity to combine these two popular ideas and came up with Galactic Kittens.

Dedicating an Instagram account to this breed, Noor Tabet - who is, and let's keep it between us, planning on abducting people by August 2018 - seems to be doing it the unorthodoxly traditional Lebanese way.

"How does this paradox work?" you may ask. Well, we shall explain shortly.

StepFeed spoke to this Lebanese artist - as he was given this nationality and talent on Earth - and was able to unveil the truth behind the mesmerizing visuals of Galactic Kittens.

On how this notion was conceived

Though he is older on the planet he originally hails from and goes by, of course, a different name outside of Earth, Tabet cared to explain how this concept came to be.

"As I was wandering through planet earth I couldn't but notice how you humans adopt creatures from other species 'cats' into your family cocoons. You do not seem to notice the obvious differences and often raise them alongside your own young. Galactic Kittens came as a bi-product of your actions," he explained to StepFeed.

"I have been on this mission for 912 hours to date... or 38 days," he added.

When asked if cats were animals he likes or is raising, he said:

"I prefer rabbits. This Lebanese American University (LAU) to which I go to is overrun by cats. Cats are raising me," Tabet emphasized.

On the purpose of Galactic Kittens

A being who greets humans with "Hello, earthling" is somewhat confusing, as you cannot pinpoint their true intentions.

With a *blank* plan - you can fill in the blank with whatever adjective you see fit - to "abduct all humans," Tabet, who is attending LAU keeps no secrets. 

"You humans have one true weakness, kittens. It is all part of a broader master plan to capture everyone. Some posts give you a hint of how this galactic event will take place," he told StepFeed.

When asked if his plan of abduction is for humans' good or his, Tabet explained: 

"Time will tell. You humans are so impatient."

Whether or not we should be thankful for the hints is a matter to be unveiled in the near future, we suppose.

On how he achieves these visuals and what future plans he has

In response to how his major influenced or facilitated his work on this page, he bluntly explained:

"Architecture has helped me learn the tools you visually communicate through on this planet such as photoshop and illustrator which have enabled me to portray my work in ways that humans could understand. These tools are deemed to be very primitive from where I come from tbh," he said. 

When it comes to future plans, his seem to be quite out of the ordinary. 

"I would like to learn how to hurl tennis rackets at small moving objects with deadly accuracy. I want to write award winning operas, I would enjoy learning how to manage time efficiently. 

Learning the exact location of every food item in the Spinneys supermarket would be a longshot but it is a goal I aspire to achieve.

I currently sleep twice a week; when I do sleep, I sleep in a chair, I would like to tune that down to one day per week. The laws of physics apply to me on this planet, I'm training on having them not," he explained.

Is that how cats really feel?

Take a look at Tabet's work on Galactic Kittens and explore the parallel universe we might be oblivious to.

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