For almost a decade, a London-based imam has been spreading a message of kindness and tolerance every Christmas by sending thousands of holiday cards around the world.

Dr. Mohammed Fahim, the head imam at the Muslim community center Qur'ani Murkuz Trust in East London, sends customized Christmas cards to a wide range of recipients, from royals and politicians to neighbors and colleagues.

According to Sky News, the religious leader aims to refute misconceptions about Islam and highlight the significance of Christmas for Muslims.

He sends cards to the Queen and the Pope, and they respond every year

Speaking to Sky News, Dr. Fahim revealed that he prints around 4,000 Christmas cards every year and sends them to people around the world.

The cards are specially designed by the imam and they focus on the importance of Virgin Mary and Jesus in Islam.

The cards include scenes of Jerusalem, along with verses from the Qur'an about Jesus' birth and his miracles.

"I send them to the members of the Royal Family, members of the Houses of Parliament, churches, neighbors, colleagues at work, the Pope and all the EU leaders - amazingly I receive so many responses and interesting comments," said Fahim.

"I am pleasantly surprised and honored that Her Majesty the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Pope respond to my card every year."

The imam reminds the world that Islam holds Jesus in high esteem

When asked about the purpose behind this initiative, the religious leader said he hopes to dispel misconceptions surrounding Muslims, remind people that Islam holds Jesus in high regard, and encourage Muslims to "celebrate and study the Christmas story".

He also asserted that Muslims believe in Jesus' miracles and his second coming.

"Muslims believe in all the prophets and messengers of God without making any distinction between any of them - as stated by God in the Quran," he said.

"So if they believe in Mohammed and Jesus, why do they celebrate the birth of Mohammed and not the birth of Jesus? To celebrate I mean to emulate, to study the lifestyle of these messengers, the great sacrifices they made and the legacy they left behind."

He went on to say that British Muslims should not miss the opportunity to propagate the message of Islam during Christmas and Easter.

"Every year, British Muslims are missing two golden opportunities (Christmas and Easter) to propagate the message of Islam, a message of peace, tolerance and justice," he explained.

"To show how they integrate into the British society without losing their religion or watering it down."