"Do you shower with that on?" 

How many times have hijabis been asked this very question? Too many times to count. 

But, this very question has inspired a Malaysian advertisement, featuring a hijabi getting ready to wash her head ... all while wearing the hijab. 

It began making the rounds online this week, and has since gone viral.

It all starts with that one magical drop ...

And things escalate pretty quickly ...

So ... does this mean "hijab & shoulders" will become a thing?

It's a satirical response

The Malaysian advertisement seems to be a satirical response to an ad released by Sunsilk Malaysia in 2006. 

However, it is not clear when the Malaysian ad was first released. 

The Sunsilk ad (below) features a hijabi studying at the library when an image in her book reminds her of shampoo. 

The video then zooms in on a woman, who clearly isn't wearing a hijab, washing her hair ... without actually showing viewers her hair.

This isn't the first time people use satire to respond to the question: "Do you shower with that on?"

Yup, definitely not the first time.