Halima Aden made history in 2017 as the first hijabi model to sign with international modeling agency IMG Models, and she has not slowed down since.

The Somali-American model has been gracing international runways as well as magazine covers, and therefore breaking barriers for hijab-wearing women in the beauty and fashion world.

This week, Aden was featured as a cover girl for New York-based PAPER magazine, and the photos are out of this world.

Speaking with the magazine, Aden said she hopes to be known "for encouraging other girls to go out and have their own success stories."

She explained: 

"I'm focused on the next generation. I want to one day see a hijabi at the Met Gala. I want to see a hijabi being a lead actress. Think of all the many firsts that are still out there. What can I do to encourage girls to dream big, to bring it home?"

To fulfill that aim, Aden makes an effort to take part in humanitarian work by "combining the fun stuff with the stuff that really matters - fashion with advocacy."

Here's a look at the photos:

Fierce is an understatement

Source: PAPER

Because it gets even fiercer

Source: PAPER

She did THAT

Source: PAPER

*Cue endless fire emojis*

Source: PAPER

Excuse me, how can I sign up for a new face?

Source: PAPER

I mean, look at those features

Source: PAPER

Not sure what this is ... but I'm here for it!

Source: PAPER

It's no surprise that people are loving it:


"Mashallah" was in order

Hijabis are inspired



One word: Slaying

Pure art


"The best cover"

Who is Halima Aden?

Aden was born in a refugee camp in Kenya and moved to the U.S. when she was seven-years-old. She first made international headlines in 2016 when she became the first Miss USA contestant to wear a hijab.

Since then, she has gained worldwide attention and soon became the first hijabi model to sign with IMG Models, which is home to Gigi and Bella Hadid as well as Miranda Kerr.

"I signed with the top modeling agency in the world and still wore my hijab as my crown. Don't ever change yourself... Change the game," she wrote on Instagram at the time after announcing the news.

Apart from her modeling career, Aden is a UNICEF ambassador advocating for migrants and refugees.