Muslim women are no strangers to the world of halal-police, aka men who believe it is their duty to police women's every move, including their fashion preferences. 

Twitter user @PaliTing was questioned by a so-called halal police who doubted her Islamic faith, despite the fact that she wears a hijab, only because she's donning jeans in her profile picture.

"Islam is not wearing the jeans girl," the guy told her.

The Twitter user did not hold back, instead shared it to her social media account ... ultimately making the rounds online.

Of course, the jokes ensued

Sarcasm dominated the conversation

Imagining a hypocritical next step came to life

Three letters: WTF

Three words: "Men are trash"

"Best nase7a ever"

And then there were those who nodded in agreement with the guy...

"He's not wrong though" ... except he is