A very interesting diner in Abu Dhabi's Khalidiya has been brought to our attention, and for good reason! 

If you're a fan of a certain HBO show that includes dragons, violence, and one certain person who knows nothing, then this is the sort of place you wanna go. 

It's called Game of Toast, and you better believe dinner is coming. 

The restaurant's interior is filled with Game of Thrones (GoT) memorabilia, from house decals and various maps decorating the walls, to the staff wearing themed shirts, to a replica of the Iron Throne made with kitchen cutlery.

The menu is divided in categories like "House of Rolls" and "House of Toasts." 

According to reviews on Facebook, the meat is apparently the best thing at the restaurant, but just look at the food (and the authentic mug!)

I mean, I didn't think toast could look so beautiful, but even though I have yet to see the show in its entirety, I will definitely be visiting the restaurant the next time I'm in Abu Dhabi.