We've all heard the "bouza 3a koussa" joke ... the one that haunts every Lebanese child's nightmares, because none of us want to imagine koussa-flavored ice cream being served. Ever. 

But, it seems as though Fadi Fruits, a Lebanese fruit shop located in Jnah, wants to make that haunting nightmare a reality ... announcing a new "bouza 3a koussa" flavor on its Facebook page

StepFeed got in touch with the fruit shop, and we were told that this was NO joke.  

It's for real ... and it's not surprising considering they also have several other strange mixes, like spicy chocolate. 

Fadi Fruits said that there will be a number of new flavors coming to the market soon, including sour-green-plum-flavored ice cream (aka janerik). 

The image of the "bouza 3a koussa" went viral on Twitter after Lyn Sinno tweeted it ...

For those not familiar with the joke ... it goes something like this:

Soon after, people began having nightmares about it ...

Important questions surfaced: Will "ma3caroni b lahme" ice cream be next?

The situation in Lebanon in a nutshell, really:

Will this inspire strawberry lasagna and cucumber Pepsi?

"Bouza 3a Koussa" is no longer a joke

Some are really upset... like REALLY upset

The image just cannot be unseen

But, of course you have those who just want to get a taste ...

Because koussa is love, no matter how it's served!