Tyrese Gibson, a star of the blockbuster Fast & Furious franchise has signed an agreement to set up shop in the United Arab Emirates.

The American actor and Grammy-nominated singer will open his custom jeep assembly business in Sharjah, according to Arabian Business. Gibson's company, Voltron Motors, signed the agreement with Souq Al Haraj, a property of Sharjah Asset Management. 

Gibson said he's happy to open shop in the UAE

"It is a vibrant and attractive environment. All the international automobile brands are present in this market,” Gibson said. 

He pointed to further expansion within the region as well.

"Our coming center in Souq Al Haraj will be the gateway for the mother company to the Middle East Region," he said.

The deal will see Gibson's custom jeeps displayed in more than 300 showrooms in the MENA region.

The news comes after Gibson's recent visit to the UAE

Earlier this month, Gibson came to the UAE for a red-carpet premiere of the 8th installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. During the event, he emphasized how much he loves the region. 

"I want to be the beacon of positive light coming into the Middle East," Gibson said, saying that he'd personally worked hard on bringing the premiere to the UAE, according to Gulf News.

The star never felt "more welcomed than in the UAE"

In 2015, Gibson talked to The National about filming Furious 7 in the UAE, saying he'd never felt "more welcomed than in the UAE."

"The UAE is one of the safest places I’ve ever been. And outside of the mega-yachts and the big royal palaces – the common men and women of Dubai are the nicest people I’ve ever been exposed to," Gibson said.

"I don’t remember ever sitting at so many dinner tables in people’s private homes and feeling a part of the family as I did in the UAE," he said.