Source: Facebook

Remember the BBC interview that went viral after two kids stormed in on their father during a live discussion with the global media giant? 

Well, an Emirati couple just beat the American dad's viral video with their own, showing just how real the struggle is at an Arab home. 

Emirati opinion writer and social media commentator Khalid Al Ameri recently posted a video of his wife Salama trying to record a short video for her business. 

But, the recording didn't go as smoothly as expected. 

"This is how real her struggle is," Al Ameri writes in the caption.

The video has been making the rounds on social media, garnering over 17,000 views on Facebook and over 100,000 views on Instagram at the time of writing. 

If you don't believe just how catastrophic it went, here's a brief look: 

It was all going well up until ...

And it doesn't stop there ... the second child couldn't help but join in

And then Salama lost it!

But then her kids were looking for some warmth ... and of course she delivered

She then attempted to film again, but failed miserably

The struggle is REAL